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Protective and Environmental Services in Meadville, Pennsylvania

Protective Services of Meadville, PA



The city of Meadville Police Department consists of twenty-two officers plus one canine officer. They protect the community which consists of approximately 13,685 full-time residents in an area of 4.5 square miles. Services provided by the department include monitoring and enforcing parking violations, enforcement of City Ordinances, fingerprinting for bonding and employment and employment requirements, conducting a school crossing guard program and working with local schools on drug prevention programs.



According to Tom Liscinski, Assistant Chief of Police, all new police officers are required to participate in a five month police academy training course. During this time, they receive Municipal Police Officer Training. After this is complete, officers are required to take part in twelve hours of training annually. The state chooses what topics the officers will be trained in each year. All officers are trained and certified on weapons, such as hand guns. Certain officers are chosen to participate in special training. Recently, the department obtained a new police canine from Virginia. The canine officer traveled to Virginia to receive training on that canine. That canine will be used for sniffing out drugs and missing people searches. Neighboring Conneaut Lake has a bomb sniffing canine. Neighboring communities often share their resources, such as canines.



Safety of Meadville


Assistant Chief of Police of Meadville, Tom Liscinski, also reports that Meadville averages one murder per year, with the most recent murder being June 2006. The majority of crimes are drug possession and theft. Cracking down on meth labs keep the officers busy. Methamphetamine, crack and marijuana are the most common drug crimes. He also stated that crime rates for aggravated assault, rape, robbery and murder are average for the population size. (T. Liscinski, personal communication, November 1, 2006)


For a closer look at 2005 statistics click here: http://www.cityofmeadville.org/police.htm





The Meadville Fire Department consists of highly trained personnel, responsible for protecting life and property in the City of Meadville. Services provided include a combination of intensive prevention programs, continuing education, property maintenance, inspections and training. Larndo Hedrick is the Fire Chief. He has 24 years of fire fighting experience, as well as thirteen years as chief. He is also a certified arson investigator. During a phone interview, conducted November 2, 2006, he explained training procedures. Requirements essential to fire fighting include participating in a 140 hour course. Each fire fighter must be a certified EMT, which is a six month course. A certificate to drive a heavy vehicle must be obtained, as well as a HAZMAT certificate. Then,in-house training on equipment is provided. Annual updates of each is required and offered by the department. A rookie is then on probation for six months. During this time a practical and exam is given monthly. A grade of 70% is required on each exam to successfully complete the probationary period. After probation, officers are sent to the State Fire Academy in Lewistown, PA. This is a 40 hour course, which teaches about building structure, structural burn, and collapse.


Fire Fighters may be certified in specialized areas. The department has fifteen rescue divers, five of which are certified in scuba. Many are taught various rescue techniques, such as basic trench rescue and structure burn. The Meadville Fire Department will share their expert personnel with neighboring communities in need.


Chief Hedrick reports only three related fire deaths in his career as chief.

(L. Hedrick, personal communication, November 2, 2006)


For a closer look at 2005 statistics click here: http://www.cityofmeadville.org/publicsafety.htm


Emergency Medical Services


Emergency Medical Services for the city of Meadville is headquartered at Emmco West Inc. 16271 Conneaut Lake Road Meadville, Pa. Phone (814) 337-5380. Emmco West Inc is in charge of training and continuing education for the paramedics and emergency medical technicians of not only Meadville but also of the entire Northwestern portion of the state of Pennsylvania. There are approximately 10 emergency medical sites in close proximity to the Meadville area. Please see: http://google.com/mapshl=en&lr=&q=emergency+medical+services&near=Mead...


All EMS training in the state of Pennsylvania falls under act 45 of the 1985 EMS systems ACT which provides the foundation for the developement, maintainance and funding of the commonwealth's emergency medical service system.

For detailed explanation please see:http://www.emmco/org/ems_planning_objectives.htm


Emergency Medical Services and training for Meadville and also for the entire state of Pennsylvania is,of course, also regulated by the State Department of Health. The State D.O.H. sets forth guidelines for research, incident reporting, adverse drug reactions, quality improvement, training protocols, regional EMS councils, numerous training guidelines, development council plans, continuing education guidelines, learning management system guidelines (online CEU's), And numerous other protocols and programs.

please see:http://dsf.health.state.pa.us/health/cwp/view.asp?a=170&q=237548&healthRNavra...

The headquarters for Emergency Management in Meadville is located at 903 Diamond Park, Meadville, pa. Phone: (814) 337-7317. This is a type of command post set up in case of emergency or natural disaster where Fire/Police and EMS/Rescue can be centrally located to handle emergency calls and responses. Meadville and the surrounding area have various travelways in and out of the city as evidenced by the primary and secondary roads and railways.

please see: http://google.commaps?q=Meadville,+PA&ie=UTF&z=12&11=41.646236,-80.15...


another site of interest to visit may be: www.fema.gov/emergency/nims/ind

also you may wish to visit: www.co.crawford.pa.us/Emergency_services/LEPC.htm


Environmental Assessment of Meadville, PA







Air Quality in Meadville, PA


The two most important indicators of air quality in PA are ground level ozone (smog) and fine particulate matter (soot or smoke). The Air Quality Index (AQI) Rating for Crawford County is GOOD. There are no monitoring sites in the adjacent counties.

Automobile emissions’ testing is not required in Crawford County.

There are no local governmental-enforced smoking bans in effect for public spaces.

Two major area pollutants in Meadville are PPG IND, Inc. (flat glass manufacturer) and Cabot Corp (Natural gas transmission).



Bottom line: Using Asthma prevalence as an indicator of air quality, Meadville, in Crawford County, is a clean air community, in spite of a greater than average manufacturing industry base.


The National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) is a population-adjusted measurement of the number of days that levels of pollutants exceeded EPA minimum acceptable levels in a given county. Meadville, located in Crawford County, is not on the top 25. For comparison, neither were the surrounding counties of Warren, Venango, or Mercer. However, Erie County ranked #17 of 25 counties listed. For more information, go to www.epodunk.com.


Land Quality in Meadville, PA


The Freecycle mission is to keep usable objects out of the landfill.

To join this organization, go to www.freecycle.org


Meadville Community Environmental Ammenities


  • Leaf Collection
  • Annual Clean-Up Day (non-hazardous materials only)
  • Adopt-A-Highway
Meadville Adopt-A-Highway Program, Rick Weaver, District & Crawford County, Adopt-A-Highway & Great PA Coordinator, Crawford County, Maintenance District 1-1, Routes 322 & 102, P O Box 362, Meadville, PA, 16335, Phone- 814-332-6880, Fax- 814-724-8647


230 Chestnut Street

Meadville, PA 16335

Phone: (814) 332-6945

Fax: (814) 332-6125


“The Department of Environmental Protection’s mission is to protect Pennsylvania’s air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment. We will work as partners with individuals, organizations, governments and businesses to prevent pollution and restore our natural resources.”


is the Federal Government’s program that assists with and monitors clean up sites for hazardous waste.

There are four Superfund sites located in Meadville. Human exposure monitoring demonstrates that these sites are at or below levels specified by the EPA as safe OR controls are in place to prevent unacceptable human exposure (such as fencing). Six acres of lagoons used for waste disposal by Talon, a metal fastener company, have been monitored for 16 years with slightly above detectable levels of arsenic, CADMIUM, cyanide, and chromium in the soil. In August, 2005, evidence of groundwater migration was observed and is under further investigation. CADMIUM is a known carcinogen for bladder cancer.


Water Quality in Meadville, PA


Even though Meadville was awarded Water System of the Year by the PA Rural Water Association in 2004, by 2005 there began a local concern regarding water quality. This is evidenced by the current local sign campaign designed to raise awareness to the issue of water quality. In addition to industrial waste, agriculture and pesticide run-off from local farming are concerns expressed by the local citizenry.

According to Mark Gorman (personal communication, October 26, 2006), French Creek Watershed Project spokesperson, "In general, the water quality in the French Creek Watershed is very healthy. This aquatic system has extremely biodiversity and we are interested in the conservation of such. The degradation of water as it passes through Meadville, or any urban area, is insignificant as recovery of that degradation occurs quickly."

Meadville Area Water Authority serves 16,000 households. The number of residences with private wells is not available.

Meadville water is not fluoridated.
For a closer look at Meadville area water quality click here: http://www.mawa.us/CCR%202003%208.5x11.pdf


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