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Notable Residents

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Meadville, Pennsylvania's Notable Residents



Perhaps the most famous person born and raised in Meadville is actress Sharon Stone. According to entries in Wikipedia, Ms. Stone attended Saegertown High School and then was accepted at Edinboro University at the age of 15 where she majored in creative writing and fine arts. It is reported that Sharon Stone was a very bright and creative child. As a young woman, her IQ was tested and has been reported as being quite high at 154. The Biography Channel website reports that Sharon Stone became a model with the Ford Modeling Agency in the early 1970s. She began acting in the early 1980s, but it was not until the 1990s that she was recognized as a movie star. Her movie star status resulted from her acting in the films Total Recall and Basic Instinct.


The above photo was retrieved from the following website: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/contributor/1800012230/photo/537501


For more information on Sharon Stone, visit the following websites:




Notable Residents from the Past


Historically, there are many notable residents of Meadville. Perhaps, most important to mention would be the founders of Meadville: David, John, and Joseph Mead. In 1788 these men founded the first settlement in Crawford County, which is now known as Meadville. David Mead was a general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and later was appointed Associate Judge of Crawford County. More information about the Mead Family can be found at:





Several other historical residents of Meadville are still household names because of the structures that remain part of Historic Meadville.


One of these household names is that of the Kepler Family. The Kepler House served the Meadville community from 1868-1960. The Kepler Family kept the tradition as hotel keepers for nearly a century. The business was passed through family members throughout the years. Unfortunately, in 1960 the Kepler House was forced to close.


Another historically important family was the Baldwin Family. Henry Baldwin built in 1843 what is now known as the Baldwin-Reynolds House Museum in Meadville. Mr. Baldwin was a retired United States Supreme Court Justice. Unfortunately, Mr. Baldwin was only able to enjoy his retirement home for one year before he died in 1844. However, his spouse, Sally Baldwin, leased the home to the Meadville Female Seminary for several years. The home was then sold to another notable resident and first Mayor of Meadville, William Reynolds. The home was eventually purchased by the Crawford County Historical Society.


The Baldwin-Reynolds House.


Henry Baldwin


William Reynolds



For more information on the Baldwin-Reynolds House Museum, visit the Crawford County Historical Society site at:



(the above photos were retrieved from this website as well)



Two other notable historical residents of Meadville are known for their contribution as educators among other important contributions.


First, it is important to mention the founder of the now thriving liberal arts college, Allegheny College. Rev. Timothy Alden, who was originally from Massachusetts, decided to form a liberal arts college in Meadville after a trip to western Pennsylvania. In 1816, the first freshman class of Allegheny College (originally spelled Alleghany College) was taught by Rev. Alden from his home. Rev. Alden taught until 1831 and established the strong traditions that Allegheny College continues to thrive upon.

Rev. Timothy Alden

The above portrait and information retrieved from: http://library.allegheny.edu/Special/BioAlden.htm




Secondly, Samuel Penniman Bates was a prominent educator and is known as one of Meadville’s leading citizens of the mid 1800s. Mr. Bates authored many important works. One of his most notable works was History of Pennsylvania Volunteers. A link to some of the manuscript can be found at the following website:


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