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Meadville, Pennsylvania










Nestled quietly in the hills of Western Pennsylvania lies a small, rural community that dates back to 1788. It was originally a settlement founded by the Mead family that was used as a stopping off point for travellers on their way to Erie. Such well known people as General George Washington and the Marquis de LaFayette were documented as visiting the city during their travels.


When lifelong resident Dr. Clifton Barretta was asked why he and his wife raise their young family in Meadville, he stated "Meadville is a great place to live". He goes on, "there is something for just about everyone in Meadville. It has a little of everything. Living in a college community, we have cultural offerings and a diversity of activities." Certainly, he notes, the cost of living is a draw. "It is very reasonable to live in or visit Meadville." And, even though the the cost of living is low, the offerings are numerous. "Meadville has a public education system that offers its children a diversity of activities and sports that you may not find in many small towns." Plus, he speaks to the protective services as well as the close proximity of the "big cities" in the Tristate area. Plus, "when you live here, the location allows us to drive to so many places on the East Coast in only a day or so." (C. Barretta, personal communication, November 7,2006.)


Whether you are a history buff, outdoorsman, fan of the arts, or a passer-by, you are sure to find something of interest in this community. The content of this site covers a broad range of information including: demographics, history, and health and safety. The community offers family fun and country living while conveniently located within reasonable driving distance of two major cities, Pittsburgh and Erie.


Use the links to take a webquest in Meadville today. We hope to see you in person, soon!


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HISTORY What brought George Washington to Meadville? Did you know that Meadville is listed on the National Register of Historic cities? http://614comm.pbwiki.com/History




GEOGRAPHY and MAPS http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Geography%20&%20Maps



CLIMATE The seasons are a beautiful sight in NW Pennsylvania. Experience the full effect of the four seasons here! http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Climate



ECONOMY http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Economy


DEMOGRAPHICS http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Demographics



EDUCATION Whether for you or your children, Meadville will meet your educational needs. Home to Allegheny College and an Edinboro University satellite, Meadville offers you the advantages of a college community/hub! http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Education



HEALTHCARE Not all communities are home to an award winning community hospital system. http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Healthcare



MORBIDITY and MORTALITY Health and wellness are important to the residents of any community. Find the stats here. http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Morbidity%20&%20Mortality


RELIGION Whether you'd like to find a place to worship or gather information about the "Brick church," religious community services, or the "Green Power" initiative, this is the place to look. http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Religion


COMMUNICATION Enjoy a read in the Meadville Tribune or listen to local radio stations... In Meadville, PA!http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Communication



PROTECTIVE 2004 Water System of the Year! A clean air community!! Police, fire, environmental safety and more information can be found at this link. http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Protective%20&%20Environmental%20Services


RECREATION Hunting, fishing, a day of shopping at the Marketplace, a vacation trip or one night visit to the National Headliners at the Crawford County Fair...there is something for everyone in Meadville. http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Recreation




NOTABLE RESIDENTS Famous people of past and present...Can you name the award winning Hollywood actress who was born and raised in Meadville? http://614comm.pbwiki.com/Notable%20Residents



REFERENCES Lots of additional great links to other sites. Explore more or find out where we found our information. http://614comm.pbwiki.com/References

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