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Meadville, PA Latitude: 41.64 N, Longitude: 80.15 W

PA County: Crawford County

Land area of Meadville, PA: 4.4 square miles

Closest large metropolitan areas: Erie,PA - 33 miles to the North, and Pittsburgh, PA - 83.9 miles to the South


Geography & Maps




State Highway Map

Retrieved 9/15/06 from http://www.city-data.com/city/Meadville-Pennsylvania.html


    • Satellite View

Retrieved 9/15/06 from http://www.city-data.com/city/Meadville-Pennsylvania.html


City Streets Map

Retrieved 11/2/06 from



Topography Map


Retrieved 10/7/06 from http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lat=41.642133&lon=80.147441&s=200&size=m&layer=DRG100&datum=nad83




Major Bodies of Water

Tamarack Lake


Tamarack Lake is an artificial lake made in Crawford County in 1962. Partially located in Meadville, It covers an area of 2.2 square kilometers and spans the townships of East Mead, West Mead and East Fairfield. The Pennsylvania Fish Commission owns the lake and stocks it with a wide variety of fish. The maximum depth of the lake is 14.7 feet and the mean depth is 4.5 feet. There are boat ramps around the lake and fishing is permitted from both boat and shore.

Retrieved 10/11/06 from





French Creek

Retrieved 10/11/06 from http://insidersguide.allegheny.edu/outdoors.htm


French Creek is the backbone of the French Creek Watershed. Spanning 117 miles from New York State to the Allegheny River it runs partially through Meadville where the streams of Mill Run and Muddy Creek both join into it. French Creek covers a total of 1270 square miles. It has very good water quality and biodiversity.

Retrieved 10/15/06 from http://crawfordconservation.com/watersheds.htm#French%20creek


Topography: French Creek Watershed


Soil in this area can be divided into two broad groups: the Venango-Frenchtown-Cambridge Association and the Holly-Red Hook-Chenango Association. The Venango- Frenchtown- Cambridge Association was formed of materials weathered from glaciers and found on the uplands. The Holly-Red Hook-Chenango Association was formed in materials weathered from stream deposits and glacial outwash. It is characterized by deep, very poorly drained, nearly level soils. This soil tends to erode easily and makes the area particularly vulnerable to soil loss problems. (Yaworski, M., et al 1979).

Retrieved 10/15/06 from http://www.crawfordconservation.com/watersheds.htm


Crawford County Conversation District**

Crawford County lies entirely in the glaciated part of the Allegheny Plateau. The eastern portion of the county has irregular terrain, deeper valleys and steeper slopes then the western part. The northwestern area of the county is fairly flat. Because of this flat landscape and slow permeability, the northwestern portion is poorly drained. Nearly three fourths of the county consists of soils that are very poorly to somewhat poorly drained. Sixty-five percent of the land area needed artificial drainage before it could be effectively used as farmland. Only about 10 % is best suited for farming without any special management. About twenty percent is too steep, stony or swampy and five percent is very dry.

Retrieved 10/15/06 from http://www.crawfordconservation.com/Crawford_County_Soils.htm


Retrieved 11/6/06 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crawford_County%2C_Pennsylvania

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Anonymous said

at 2:17 pm on Nov 12, 2006

Well done and informative. I especially liked the narrative attached to each picture explaining what the reader was viewing and how it fits into the local Meadville area.
Mary Esther Rodgers

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