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Economy continued

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Economy continued...



History of Economy of Meadville, Pennsylvania

Allegheny College, the first college west of the Appalachian Mountains, was founded in 1815 and was one factor that attracted people to Meadville. The college was also an employer for many people, and still is today. The railroad system also drew people and industry to the Meadville area. People of that time were employed in such places as, Eagle Iron Works, established in 1845, Crawford Iron Works, established in 1858, and Phoenix Iron Works, established in 1865. These manufacturing plants employed many people. During the Great Depression, one of the few industries to continue growth in Meadville was the clothing industry. The economy of the late 19th century also included logging and agriculture. After the war, Talon Zippers, which opened in 1926 continued to grow, as well as the railroad industry. During this time, Channellock tools and Dad's Pet Food also brought jobs to the Meadville area. These two companies are the only two large operating companies in Meadville today. The tool and die trade still is a large part of many peoples'living and source of income in the Meadville area. The tool and die business is also being threatened by oversees trade and buying. Meadville's job market is approximately 20% tool and die manufacturing, as compared to 12.4% in Pennsylvania and 11% national average, thus Meadville area has much dependence and interest in the future of manufacturing in this country. This is a trend that could leave many people of Meadville looking for new ways to earn a living. (Information provided by TourErie.com)

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