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demographics continued

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demographics continued...


Comparison of Age Groups Crawford County PA Meadville
Population<18 24.7% 22.9% 19.4%
65+ 15.6% 15.3% 18.7%


Households of Meadville, PA



Family households Married couple families Female only households
53.2% 36.5% 13.4%



Average household size Average family size
2.18 2.86



Non family households Householder living alone Householder 65+
46.8% 38.5% 16.4%


Selected Social Characteristics: 2000


Marital status-Population 15 years and over11,473100.0
Never married4,20336.6
Now married, except separated4,62740.3
Grandparents as Caregivers- living in household with one or more grndchildren under 18 years82100.0
Grandparents responsible for grandchildren2631.7
Veteran Status-Civilian Population 18 years and over11,013100.0
Civilian Veterans1,51413.7
Disability Status of Civilian Population Noninstitutionalized-Population 5 to 20 years3,437100.0
With a disability3289.5
Population 21 to 64 years6,890100.0
With a disability1,72425.0
Percent employed44.3n/a
No disability5,16675.0
Percent employed77.1n/a
Population 65 and over2,153100.0
With a disability89341.5
Nativity and Place of Birth-Total Population13,667100.0
Native born in Uunited States13,41198.1
Born outside United States240.2
Forgein born2561.9
Naturalized Citizen1431.0
Not a citizen1130.8
Language spoken at home-Population 5 years and over12,921100.0
English only12,40696.0
Language other than English5154.0
Ancestry(single or multiple)- Total Population13,667100.0
United States or American6664.9

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